Connected-health technology
for gold-standard wound care

About FeelTect

FeelTect is a connected-health start-up based in Galway, Ireland. We began our journey in the renowned BioInnovate Ireland programme at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) before launching the company in May 2019. 

FeelTect’s mission is to disruptively improve wound care by developing connected-health solutions to enable safety, efficacy and empowerment.

Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) are painful, chronic wounds affecting 11.5 million people globally. 

56% of VLUs fail to heal in the expected time frame of 12 weeks and 30% fail to heal within a year.


cases globally
each year


delayed healing
(>12 weeks)


within a year


healthcare budget spent on VLUs

Our Goal

A way to increase healing rates and reduce workload in VLU treatment, for reduced costs and improved patient outcomes.

Compression Therapy

The Cornerstone of VLU Treatment

  • Uses bandages or other garments to apply pressure to the leg, restoring venous flow.
  • Variability between patients and products means targeted pressure is rarely achieved (90% failure rate).
  • Pressure is rapidly lost due to swelling reduction or non-compliance. 
  • Ineffective compression results in delayed healing for patients and places an unsustainable burden on global healthcare systems.

Tight Alright is the first connected-health platform for disruptively improving the application, maintenance, and self-management of compression therapy –
consistently delivering gold-standard VLU treatment. 

Tight Alright comparison

The unique point-of-care solution includes a wearable pressure sensing device and mobile app. This is supported by a pioneering digital platform, including a secure cloud database and remote dashboard.

Tight Alright technology overview

Our Founders

Dr. Andrew Cameron


  • PhD in Tissue Engineering
  • 9 years in Commercialisation
  • Raised €1.6 million in funding
  • BioInnovate Ireland Fellow

Dr. Darren Burke


  • PhD in Regenerative Medicine
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • eCommerce experience
  • Previous roles in Quality and R&D
Garry Duffy

Prof. Garry Duffy


  • Professor of Anatomy in NUIG
  • PI at AMBER and CÚRAM
  • Led multiple EU consortia
  • Secured €25 million in funding

contact us

Dr Andrew Cameron (CEO)

The Old Farmhouse

Cartoor, Moycullen

Co. Galway, H91A6WH



P: +353 87 184 0912

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